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How Do These Words Make You Feel?

Powerful Or Disempowered?

VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH are words used to create good girls, desirable trophy wives, and obedient female subordinates for a patriarch. Girls aren’t warned how these words will influence their lives as women, but if you’ve experienced shame or guilt around intimacy, self-doubt about your looks, or have felt shamed when standing up for yourself, these are all are signs that these words have done their persuasive work on you.

Can this ancient narratives be changed? For six years, we’ve asked our podcast guests their personal take on these words, and each time we hear an inspirational definition. Click below to see video on some of the shares. In 2024, we’re inviting professional writers, researchers, and special guests to break down these words so women don’t need to feel shame from enjoying sex, feel imperfect in their own skin, or fear the stinging insult of a dehumanizing word. Join us and be part of these life-changing conversations.

The Podcast Series You Can't Miss

VERNAL EQUINOX (SPRING) MAR 19: The Deflowering of the VIRGIN


WINTER SOLSTICE DEC 21 2024: The Misunderstanding of the B!TCH

We Invite Your Input

What have been your personal experiences with these words?
How do you hear VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH