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VBB Podcast: together, we uncover, and share the many ways women are breaking free from social expectations to redefine life on her own terms!

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VBB Blog Misty Rae

Misty Rae is one of a kind. She announces herself to Medium readers as a former legal eagle, a wife, mother, nature lover, chef, writer, and all-around free spirit. She makes no excuses about being brutally honest, or sweet as pie or being a great big bitch. It all depends on how people approach her, she says. Now in her 50s, Misty is committed to living like a 12-year-old and loving every second! It might be from not having a truly carefree childhood. Misty was born in a small town in New Brunswick under a major scandal. Her white mother had left her white husband to have a child with a black man. From day one, Misty was forced to navigate through a world of black-and-white opposites and expected from day one to choose a side favoring her white skin or her black heritage. We talk with Misty about life experienced in a way most people never face.

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