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VBB Podcast: together, we uncover, and share the many ways women are breaking free from social expectations to redefine life on her own terms!

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VBB 290 Tara Sheahan: A Remarkable Woman Who’s Life Purpose May Save Us All!

How many people, instead of trading time for money or feeling trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of reacting to life’s responsibilities, would love to be living their life purpose? But what would you trade to live such a privilege? Tara Sheahan remembers when she was once a world-class Olympic athlete, mother of two, and wife of a CEO with global influence. Still, when a bite from a tick left her with Lyme disease, overnight, her life of comfort, convenience, wealth, and health came to an end, replaced by endless experiences of pain and suffering.  It was the beginning of her Dark Night of The Soul and the dismantling of her ego identity. What happened next is Tara’s story of finding her life purpose. She is the founder and coach of Breathwork, a powerful healing modality. She’s also a student of Indigenous wisdom traditions who lives an austere lifestyle on land being prepared as a habitat for the return of bison herds to the Great Plains. Tara’s story is about what is sometimes required to live a life of purpose, which for her is helping restore Earth’s ecosystem and raising human consciousness to a level you can hear in her voice — a sound of pure joy!

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