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The VIRGIN Spring

Deflowering Virgin Myths & Misgivings!

It’s no shock to hear a mature woman say that the VIRGIN is dead to her. But in the same breath, she admits to hating her body, struggling with intimacy, or lamenting how sex is often dulled by shame and guilt. How a ‘dead’ VIRGIN influences women’s self-image and her intimate sex life is an intersection most women are never invited to cross — until now!

Starting March 18th, VBB will host four episodes with experts, authors, and researchers to flesh out the before-and-after influence of the VIRGIN on women. Join the four-part conversation on how the VIRGIN became a lifelong influence on a woman’s Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

  • Does VIRGINITY have lingering or life-long psychological and spiritual effects on women?

  • Does VIRGINITY impact a woman’s intimacy with others, her self love and self respect, her sexual freedom of expression, her acceptance of pleasure, and her love for all the pleasurable parts of her body?

  • If VIRGINITY is an invented concept used to control female sexuality and women are treated as commodities, how can women themselves change this ancient narrative.
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  • How can we console girls molested or raped as their first sexual experience when the sexual standard we judge women’s sexuality by is VIRGIN or a Whore?

  • How does hookup culture, Madonna complex, slut-shaming, and Body Count trends connect to the VIRGIN?

  • How did the HYMAN, a body part that some women are born without, become irrefutable evidence of a girl’s purity?

VIRGIN Series Episodes & Dates

March 18 | Virgin Body: Origin of Virgin Virtues

March 25 | Virgin Mind: Dropping Your Shame

April 1 | Virgin Heart: Turning On Your Sexual Power

April 8 | Virgin Soul: Your Own Evergreen Virgin

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