“I saw myself in every section. Virgin. I remember being confused about sexuality for a long time. The Beauty section of the book spoke to many of my own insecurities and challenges. Bitch. I can relate. There were many times when she was self-muzzled or shut down by others. Men could be assertive and even aggressive but not women. It was always easier to try to be the “nice girl”. Your book helped me look more clearly at all the pressure I have placed on myself because of societal, parental, work or other real or perceived expectations. If only I knew then what I know now.” J Donaldson

“I believe that some women will struggle with the fact that it [the book] is authored by a man. Personally, I like that you’re a man diving into this with such depth and insight into the historical buildup of the conditioning. As a woman, I feel it provides a wider, deeper context for my experience as a woman. I know all three aspects of those archetypes, or those three pre-conditioned states affects every woman — and if not all three, at least one. I believe if a woman would be honest it would be all three guaranteed. I think the book is very necessary, very relevant. It gets you thinking. J Simpson”