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Origin of the Man-Made Woman.

In the Beginning

VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH ~ Origin of the Man-Made Woman was written to peel away the façade and get to the meaning behind words that have historically been assigned to women, often without translation. This book challenges auto-pilot thinking, which convinces girls that sex is the membrane between the good girl and the bad, or Madonna / Whore Complex. That beauty defines women’s worth as either desirable or not enough. And bitch being used as the dog whistle to call out female agency as disobedience. Revealing the origin and the agenda behind these words will hopefully give women new references to reframe how their daughters, nieces, sisters, and girlfriends invariably define themselves.

I am Christopher. I was born in Trinidad; migrated to Canada at age ten, so I’ve lived with the challenges of the diaspora, or being the one in the room that’s not like the others. I’m an only child, deeply reflective and forever observing. Friends joke that I’m a devil’s advocate but that’s my natural curiosity to learn what’s between the lines and in our blind spots. These days, the one question people I meet end up thinking, but most are too polite to voice, is: why is a man concerned with the feminine as his life’s purpose?


Short version answer is: There was a time when, as most boys might, I believed my life purpose was to prove my manhood — the Alpha to women’s Beta. My reality check came after attending a personal-growth seminar where, by hundreds, we men were the minority. Although my aim was personal growth, I was overcome listening as women from different countries, cultures, faiths, and lifestyles shared individual life stories. In every solo voice what my heart heard was the collective suffering of womanhood inside a Man-Made World.


That’s when my advocacy for womanhood awoke. It has, so far, inspired the VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH Podcast, and my first book — Origin Of The Man-Made Woman! And that’s only the beginning.


Christopher Kennedy

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