The Book

Virgin. Beauty. B!tch.

Origin of the Man-Made Woman.

In the Beginning

December 2008, I was in Orlando, Florida for an event – Date with Destiny, with Tony Robbins.  Ten days and nights with over 2,000 strangers in a hotel conference room. I went there for my own personal development but came away with a life passion that was not about me. 

For ten days I saw women stand up from the audience and heard them speak their heart.  These weren’t celebrities, they were women from all parts of the globe, different cultures, backgrounds, situations, and lifestyles, but to my ear they spoke with a single theme. The theme resonated to me as a communal suffering.

As a man, in that environment, a lot goes through your head, but the one thought that stuck with me was that as a man, I am partner in a community that instigates much of the suffering being shared. I also came to the conclusion, I could hear but not listen, carry on the status quo, or I could be an advocate of sorts. 

Three years ago, I launched my Podcast, VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH (  It’s a platform I share with a female co-host, and one we use to engage, and empower listeners, especially women and girls, around the topics of gender, sex, relationships and self-identity.  The Podcast brings me into contact with amazing people, and through those connections I’ve gained insight that has motivated the writing of this my first book, VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH – Origin of the Man-Made Woman.

I didn’t set out to be an “author.” That title sounded so out of my jurisdiction, even though I’ve always scribbled thoughts into notes. Professionally, at one time I wrote things most people find annoying – radio commercials. By being creative with my ads I won a lot of awards. Still, to me, that wasn’t serious writing, nor was writing media material for TV and corporate clients. No, real writing came from my observation of life and expressing what came from the heart. 


That’s where my book comes from. I feel I’ve been given a purpose, and maybe a talent worthy of it. I admit, my purpose seems somewhat crossed, after all, I’m a man advocating for women. It’s not that women need me, it’s that I know the world needs women with their pride, dignity, and grace intact. 


This book, my first, is certainly not to tell women how to be women, I can never stand in their shoes, rather the book is about how women became Man-Made without their consent, and most disturbing, without even their awareness. My grad papers from college read, Graduate – Communication Arts, not Author, but I can only hope I’ve done justice with my words. ‘


Christopher Kennedy


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