#35 Women Of Inspiration and dancing naked!

“I invite everyone to come dance naked with me on a mountain, usually they ask when and where.” Monica Kretschmer, Creator: Women Of Inspiration. 

The story of how that title became an inspiration and eventually a motivation started with my first business coach.  She sent to me a video a long time ago of a man dancing naked on the side of a mountain.  This man had a lot of hair, but it didn’t matter because he was just grooving to his own tune, just living life.  This man was on purpose.  

When this naked man was up there dancing just letting it loose he made it look so inviting that one by one everyone on the mountain started to join in.  Literally, by the end of this really short video, everyone on that mountain was up and dancing.  It was awesome.

When I think back to some of the most powerful things that have influenced me over my career that one video and that one quote, Dance Naked on a Mountain, always comes up.  Often it’s just what I’ve needed as motivation.  The message for me is that when you’re starting out, in business, or in anything that’s you’re committed to, all you need is to have just one person believe in you, to see you dancing naked and want to join with you on that mountain; the rest will follow.

Our conversation with Monica and her Women Of Inspiration on Podcast #35.  #VBB  ck


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