#33 Vagina Dialogue

The best orgasm is still when someone gives it to you.     Jennifer Marr

 It’s my personal opinion that society has purposely shut down all aspects of a human beings sexual power because it happens to be the most powerful thing we humans have to offer.  It’s what drives us as a human race.  

Reproduction is one aspect of our sexuality, but the other is connection, to connect with each other, and to connect to the greater whole of the universe.  

Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina made it ok for me and for women to explorer our power centre.  It was a realization that in every woman there is a direct connection between the vagina – and I use the term vagina to describe to who sexual apparatus of a woman – but realizing that there is a direct connection between the vagina and the brain.  From sexual awareness and sexual pleasure that comes from an orgasm women can tap into some of the most powerful energy that exists in the universe.

Through orgasm is one way humans can release boundaries and connect directly to the universe.  The other is through meditation, but orgasm puts us in state immediately.  Granted, for some women, it does take a little more time to reach that climax, it takes us feeling safe to the point where we feel comfortable to release, comfortable enough to touch the face of God.  

I think that sex and orgasm is something we need to start focusing on and accepting as part of who we are, start loving that part of ourselves and stop shaming it and everyone around us.

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