#37 Uplyft Youth

Uplyft Youth: “we are seven 19-Year olds heading a non-profit to educate teens on domestic abuse and healthy relationships.”  Sanya & Meaza

I have a younger sister who in grade six was being bullied by a group of boys about the way she looks.  She was totally crushed, it was really hard for her.  She went to the school office and told them what was happening, then she asked what could be done about it.  You have to understand, this is an eleven-year-old, and the administrative answer was, oh their just boys, they’re just teasing you, it’s because they like you.  

That’s the answer and the attitude coming from the most influential people in your life next to your parents.  What does that teach kids and young women?  The message is he’s doing it because he loves you, he’s beating you because he cares so much, that flip to blame the victim is exactly what we want to change.  We want to educate youth because we went through the school system with no support and we believe it’s important for teachers, principles, and school supervisors to understand their words and actions send a powerful message.

There’s so much pressure in high school to be liked, to not to have a reputation of being mean or quite frankly, being the bitch.   Just wanting people to like you sometimes means saying yes to things that you don’t want to do.  It’s like I don’t want that reputation so I’m going to say yes, I want him to like me so I’m going to say yes.  Personally, I really struggled with saying no because it does come at a price, your image takes a hit and how other people see you. In high school everyone is so judgemental, everyone has an opinion.  I literally spent years taking on things that I didn’t want to take on because I couldn’t say no, I just didn’t have that voice.  We could have an entire three month COM class for girls in high school just on saying no and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Two 19-year olds will make you believe the future is in safe hands. Sanya & Meaza of Uplyft Youth.  Podcast #38



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