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VBB 286 VIRGIN Redefined

Virgin and virginity have long been a source of taboo thoughts and moral fixation. How did the virgin come to mean so much and have so much power in our individual lives, especially the lives of women? How can one intimate heterosexual encounter change a woman forever? Why is losing it, giving it away, or having it taken against a woman’s consent have the power to defile a her virtue or, in many cases, destroy her reputation? Why do we allow myths, philosophies, religious dogmas, and fairy tales to condition us to believe that a woman’s value and self-worth is based on her denying nature’s most potent force — female sexuality? These questions and many more come to the surface over our four-week journey in conversations that explore the Virgin as a physical entity — the body, the Virgin as a belief or a mindset, the Virgin as governor of intimacy and sexual desire of the heart and finally, the Virgin that is true to ancient definitions of virginity — a woman sovereign onto herself — a Virgin spirit. In this episode, Christopher and Heather rewind highlights and learning moments explored in four conversations with nine unique and remarkable women including, Laura M. Carpenter author of Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences, and Hanne Blank Boyd who authored the definitive book on the topic, Virgin: The Untouched History. Enjoy!

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As a historian and author, Hanne Blank Boyd literally wrote the book on Virginity. Her seminal work, Virgin: The Untouched History, is a provocative exploration of the complex concept of Virginity throughout human history. Also enriching this conversation is Kim Hudson, author of The Virgin’s Promise, which talks about women’s path to finding their own power and authentic selves. This is part four of our four-week journey into the VIRGIN. So far, we have explored the history of the VIRGIN Body — the Hyman Maneuver we call it. The VIRGIN Mind and how forced virtue impacts a VIRGIN Heart that craves to love but often is stained by shame and guilt. In this final chapter, we explore the VIRGIN Spirit with Hanne and Kim. As a bonus, we also included a conversation with Jungian analyst, author, and podcaster Lisa Marchiano. Her new book, The Vital Spark, features a chapter on the Virgin, and we cover Virginity as a symbol of unbroken psychic wholeness. It’s a remarkably enlightening and soulful conversation. It’s a conversation that was interrupted by a major seismic disturbance. Listen through to the end to hear that earth-shaking event as it happened.

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What can a grown-up, experienced woman possibly learn from any talk about virginity? Well, when so many women go through life being made to feel dirty, deviant, shameful, and even sinful about sex and their own sexuality, we wonder, where do those beliefs originate? Is it far-fetched to look for those seeds in a belief that insists women renounce their sexual nature until marriage and then only express it in the name of motherhood? That might work for some women but not for Gina Cloud. She’s the best-selling author of W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition For Reclaiming The Feminine and a deeply devoted teacher and speaker who inspires women to embrace their bodies fully and learn from their inner wisdom. We also welcome Stephanie Horton, a women’s circle facilitator who recently created a social group called The Wild Feminine. It’s a conversation most women are never invited to have, but all will be inspired to hear.

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Welcome to episode two of our four-part conversation on Virginity and its lasting impact on women’s lives. This week, we shift from what’s between a woman’s legs determining Virginity to what’s placed between her ears that impacts her virtue and self-image. A seminal work on the topic is Virginity Lost, written by Laura Carpenter. She joined us from her day job as an associate professor at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Pauline Mortas is a recent graduate from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris. She is a specialist in the history of sexualities in the 19th and 20th centuries. She comes to us through an article titled Women and Men Faced with Virginity, which explores the social and symbolic meanings ascribed to Virginity. This conversation reveals how the notion of Virginity intertwines with societal norms, personal identity, and the ongoing journey to redefine sexuality in an empowering light. Before you push play, get ready to question, to challenge, and to rethink what Virginity means on a societal level and how it still defines what goes on between a women’s ears.

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VBB 282 VIRGIN 1 with Stephanie Clarke & Talia Grey

Do words define us, or do we define words? VBB Podcast is built on the belief that — we, the people — ultimately determine how words define us. Putting that belief into action is why we chose to name our Podcast using words that have terrorized or demonized women for centuries. VIRGIN is such a word. It has been used to regulate female sexual expression by dividing women into Madonna’s or whores. It’s a tragic binary definition for women to live under and a devastating stigma to overcome. Over the next four weeks, we explore what VIRGIN means to women and their power to change inherited definitions. In week one of our four-episode journey, we explore the Virgin Archetype with Metaphysical Minister, speaker, and author of three provocative books that challenge cultural taboos around God, Death, and Sex, the Irreverent Reverend Stephanie Clarke. We also welcome blogger, videographer, and the author of Goodby Virginity, Talia Grey. In this inaugural episode, we recall the origin of the Virgin, its purpose, and its influence on the lives of women in our modern world.

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VBB 273: A Remarkable Woman, Dr. Anne Arvizu Shares the Transformative Power of Self-Discovery for Women, Even Those Over 50!

Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC, is the first guest in our REMARKABLE WOMEN Series. Ann is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, and former global Fortune 500 executive. She’s also the founder of the Corelife Coach Institute and creator of THE CORELIFE METHOD™, a transformational body-mind-spirit approach to coach training. With Burnout at an all-time high and billions of dollars being spent on stress-related illness, including auto-immune disease, heart disease, cancer, addiction, depression, plus time lost from work, Anne has created coaching and training programs that share a common focus of promoting productivity, health & life balance in the lives of organizational leaders. In our conversation, Anne reveals the need to embrace our natural strengths, ditch societal labels, and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within. She shares invaluable insights from her book “Affluent Minds” and reminds us all that true beauty and wisdom come from within.

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VBB 272: What To Do About Self-Beliefs That Keep You From Enjoying Wellness, Happiness, and Prosperity?

Kathi Sohn and her husband David created principles and techniques that became the Body Memory Process. After David’s passing in 2019, Kathi continued creating courses, articles, and seminars to help individuals heal. As children, out of strong, sometimes traumatic emotions, we all develop core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. We carry these beliefs into adulthood, where they can cause problems with our health, relationships, and finances. Traumatic memories we store can become “implicit memory” or “body memory,” but there’s a lot more going on than just memory. If we believe that wellness, happiness, and prosperity are available to everyone and we experience anything less, it’s likely we decided long ago that we are not worthy of these positive things. The good news, Kathi reminds us, is that we all have the power to discover and release our limiting beliefs!

Kathi Sohn Core Belief Expert, Coach, Author
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VBB 265 – Sarah Tunstall — How We Fail Victims of Human Trafficking!

Sarah Tunstall is a survivor and advocate against human trafficking. Her journey began at the age of 15 when she was recruited into the sex trade by a friend. Already distanced from her family, Sarah found herself trapped in a tumultuous cycle for the next two and a half years, as two different traffickers controlling her life. Having been cut off from social connections, rebuilding her life became a daunting task. Today, Sarah uses her lived experience to support and empower other young people who have fallen victim to human trafficking. As a role model, she has learned the importance of being vulnerable and speaking her truth beyond the shame that once frightened her into silence. We are grateful to share a few minutes with this outstanding young woman and share her heartfelt passion for ensuring that no one else has to endure the same struggles she faced — or at least not alone.

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VBB 263: Kathi Sohn — How Childhood Trauma Turns Into Adult Sized Triggers!

Kathi Sohn wrote her first book, You Made It Up, Now Stop Believing It, following 25 years of working with her late husband, David W. Sohn. He created the groundbreaking work, the Body Memory Process, which empowers people to discover and then release self-limiting and often self-destructive beliefs they created out of emotional events in early childhood. Kathi believes wellness, happiness, and prosperity are available to everyone. If you are experiencing anything less, it’s likely that things you decided early in childhood about yourself, others, and the world are also responsible for the limitations and unhappiness you experience as an adult. The good news is you have the power to discover and then release these decisions! The Body Memory Process offers an opportunity to shift away from blame culture — the temptation to blame parents or society for our ill’s or failures, and puts the power and process to change in our hands! We learn from Kathi that everyone can benefit from exploring, then changing, the limiting beliefs that make us ill, unhappy, lonely, broke, or unfulfilled.

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VBB 262 Jennifer Arthurton — Is There Anything More Insulting Than Being Called Old?

Jennifer Arthurton was once a high-functioning Fortune 500 Corporate Executive with ten consecutive years of outstanding performance reviews. Confident and established in her role, Jennifer chose to believe that ageism against women in the workplace was a moribund practice. That all changed when, after returning from a brief time off, she discovered a younger employee had replaced her. That slap in the face convinced Jennifer that age discrimination in the workplace is alive and still in practice. The life-changing experience motivated her to advocate for age diversity and inclusion. She aims to create a fair and unbiased work environment for everyone. Lately, her passion has become a coaching business with a tongue-in-cheek title meant to open doors to serious conversations. Jennifer is the founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t!. It’s about owning one’s power and living out the best next chapter of life.

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VBB 249 Dana Killion — What A Woman Will Do For Love!

Dana Killion is an accomplished author and a skilled storyteller known for her captivating mystery novels, but in her powerful debut memoir, Where the Shadows Dance, is where she lays bare the slow drip of the trauma she fought through to save the man she loved but in the process, how she became collateral damage in his self-destruction. Subtitled, He Got Sober; I Got Broken, Dana delves into the depths of personal trauma and the sacrifices made by women for the sake of others.

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