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VBB 228 Rissa Miller: Reads Your Life Story From The Bottom Of A Teacup!

Rissa Miller has been practicing tasseography, i.e., a tea leaf reading since finding loose tea in her teacup as a teenager. Over the decades, Rissa has honed her methods and refined her language to tell stories in her clients’ teacups. For Rissa, tasseography is a very personal divination art. “I learned young how to look through chaos to find order. I call my client seekers because most seek something from me that I’m happy to give. Even when visitors aren’t ready to share or are doubters who don’t want someone rooting around in their energy, I ask, what keeps them up at night? Tasseography helps me offer insight and guidance.” Whether it’s reading teacups, smoke trails, or tarot cards, Rissa sees a deep reflection in who you are in the moment as your life exists in the now.

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Virgin Beauty B!tch

Heather and Christopher delve into the name and the inspiration behind The Virgin, The Beauty & The B!tch.  And so it begins… THE BEAUTY h: as a woman and in conversation with other women, being beautiful has been distinctly tied to outer appearance.  The world tells women beauty is her most important aspect and that

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