#43 Product Discrimination

The presence of boobs demands additional stitching that adds up to higher costs for a women’s shirts – no?!

Heather picks a bone over products available for male consumers that for some reasons aren’t available for women.  There’s also the issue of a “Pink Tax”, which see women having to pay higher prices for products and services that men and women use equally.  Studies by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs surveyed close to 800 products found in 42% of cases, women paid more for the same items as men.

The counter-argument has been that it’s costlier to manufacture women’s products: feminine floral scents equal more ingredients needed to make women’s products, and the presence of boobs demand additional stitching in a woman’s shirt, which equals higher expenses. 

Heather’s not buying any of it. We get into it #VBB 43



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