VBB 288  Baggage Claim And Exposing Woke Feminism!

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VBB 288  Baggage Claim And Exposing Woke Feminism!
Feminism, in any phase, era, or iteration, is a complex and sensitive conversation that much of society avoids as taboo. The latest iteration, known as “woke feminism,” is no different. What is ‘Woke Feminism” and how does it impact society or you as an individual woman or man is a compelling conversation we welcome with a YouTube content creator known by her pseudonym Baggage Claim. Our conversation touches on the rise of female empowerment in media, particularly on television and Hollywood. It’s a transition that has evolved from a fight for female equality to stamping a mark on the world that women are superior to men.  Examples include Hollywood characters like Captain Marvel and the modern remake of Snow White. Films that exploit the current trend towards female dominance and are unafraid to demonstrate a vindictive attitude towards men. This conversation will push listeners to examine deeply held beliefs and challenge values we take for granted, including how we think and treat each other as individual women and men.

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