VBB 289 Rahti Gorfien — ADHD A Superpower Or A Stigma For Women?

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VBB 289 Rahti Gorfien — ADHD A Superpower Or A Stigma For Women?
Rahti Gorfien is the Founder of Creative Calling Coaching, LLC, and has been recognized three times by Expertise.com as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in NYC. However, in a former life, she graduated from a prestigious NYU Acting Program. "Acting broke my heart," she laments, but her career on stage still spanned thirty years.  During that time, she became a professional standup comic and a writer of several plays, including Backstage's Best Plays of 2004, and she once shared a stage with Meryl Streep. In the mid-1990s, Rahti formed and facilitated peer groups to support her fellow theatre creatives. These groups became a gateway to becoming a trained and certified professional coach. Recently, she was recognized as one of the Top Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Coaches by Coach Foundation.com.  Even though she admits to having no interest in coaching people with ADHD, fate intervened when her son was diagnosed with ADHD. She married a man with ADHD, and her brother also has ADHD.  Rahti helps her clients focus so they can live fulfilling lives, maximize their talents, get seen, and make money doing what they love.  She recently wrote her first book, The Five Emotions That Stop Success in Coaches, Clients, and Creatives: Overcoming Personal Obstacles of the Mind. We're thrilled to bring you this enlightening and highly entertaining conversation with Rahti, and we would love to hear what you take away. 

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