# 56 In Praise of Sex for Money

“No one in high school never would assume that I would end up as that girl.” Miyoko Fujimori

Excerpt –

The route that I’ve chosen is by no means conventional, but once I was in the strip club as a dancer I felt every woman should have hat experience.  For anyone who wants to explore feminine energy should have that experience.  It’s a completely different dynamic than what we experience walking on the streets of our cities.  The rules within a strip club are a completely different set of rules from the outside world.  I’m not sure why but I feel we would be a whole lot more successful if we applied those rules to the outside world.

First and foremost it’s free sexuality, free sensuality, free nudity without consequence.   When you’re in a strip club it’s completely transactional.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, how you’re touching someone, how you’re talking to them if you’re flirting, if you’re not flirting, none of it means anything unless you agree on the transaction.  

Certainly, in long term relationships, people tend to forget that you’re not entitled to someone’s body and affection just because you’re in a relationship, and certainly not strangers.  So when people have this idea that she dressed this way to show up and meet with me so I assumed that my behavior was ok, there is none of that in a strip club. Everything is discussed before and everything is consent-based and agreed upon. 

I came for my realizations and my freedoms the hard way.   I was hospitalized at the age of 20.  I was depressed and suicidal.  I married at 19, which goes back to this idea that people aren’t taught how to love themselves.  Mostly, we are taught to hold ourselves to standards that nobody can possibly live up to.  

I am definitely drawn to helping people find their own self-acceptance and self-love. I feel that if we can truly embrace who we are then sharing ourselves with other people is so much easier.  I think for most of us a huge part of our conflict is not accepting who we are and loving ourselves for who and what we are, in all aspects.

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