#36 Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur!

“I had my first job when I was 12 years old, I was Dino at Flintstones Village because I was the tall girl.” CEO Lisa Mundell-Lawrence

I remember I bought my first power suit when I was 21, it was a pink chenille suit; every time I put that suit on and go to a meeting I knew I would own the room.  At 21, I didn’t know why I would own the room because I didn’t have enough worldly experience, but when I put that suit on I owned everything, absolutely everything was mine.  Today, if you get on my bad side and “business Lisa” has to come out then it’s like back the hell up because she’s coming on like a force. 

It’s okay though to have moments with the butterflies, to feel like oh my god I don’t think I can do this.  Those kinds of moments are usually when the best breakthroughs come.  Just when you think your world is coming to an end is usually when the biggest breakthroughs come, whether that’s in personal development, or in relationships, or in business.  It’s the moment when you think, oh my god I can’t do this, and then everything changes.

More amazing words of wisdom from Lisa Mundell-Lawrence.  Podcast #36



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