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# 54 Juvenile Sex Ed!

“As soon as parents start talking about sex kids fear judgement.” Linda Simpson, columnist Huffington Post   One point I want to make is a term I just heard recently — developmental compression.  100 years ago, there are were no teenagers, you were a little child and then you were a working adult.  Today it’s

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#49 Sexuality: Her Shame

So I let myself be desired, and acquired, and used and retired. Marie-Claire O’Donoghue   I think what’s really important is to remember that as women our pleasure is not something to be shamed.  There is still so much deeply rooted guilt and shame around wanting sexual pleasure as a woman.  Wanting sexual pleasure makes

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#17 The Oldest Profession

The voice of women, a voice once a muzzled murmur, is today a truculent roar, a chorus of feminists, celebrity divas, and female heads of business and state rallying millions toward change for all women — almost all women.  There is still one voice conspicuously absent, the sister who holds fast to traditional female roles

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#14 Relationship Secrets!

In relationships, are you the jealous type?  What happens should a stranger stares a little too long or with too much lascivious lust at your spouse or partner?  What if you could find a playful way to diffuse those potentially volitive emotions, with some playful help from your partner?  We share a conversation with relationship

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#11 The Flaccid Porn Addict!

c: Today we joined by our first guest, our first Virgin.  Dr. Kevin Alderson is professor and counselor of psychology at the University of Calgary.  He is a licensed psychologist in Alberta since 1986 and editor of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and psychotherapy.  He is also an author with over a dozen publications.  Today

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#10 The Gender Web!

c: It’s funny, I spent all week researching on a particular topic for a book I’m writing and then you call me out of the blue to say let’s do a show on. h: Gender spectrums. c: We are so connected.  This topic, holy smokes. Tell me this, what do you think someone coming out

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#7 Consent In A Teacup!

Do you have an understanding as to the word consent, asked the judge.  “No, said the 28-year-old accused male, but can you tell me?” c: What would you say was an overall takeaway from the “Ask First” symposium at the University of Calgary? h: It’s interesting, the person’s whose presentation was just before mine was

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#4 Knees Together, Girls!

The  culture of rape, an insensitive judge, and the one word that stands between yes and no: consent. It made CNN and all the big news outlets around the globe, the infamous ‘why couldn’t you just keep your knees together to avoid being raped’ case.  But, there’s always more to the story. h: You should

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