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#48 I’m Sorry, It’s Cancer

“I’m sorry, it’s cancer has an impact like no other words.  Having already heard it once I thought I might be a little more immune, but no I was rocked double hard.  I’m sorry, but its cancer is a very powerful sentence.” Wanda St. Hilaire   The first time I heard those words I was

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#42 Don’t Let Age Fool You

“Don’t let their barriers bring you down” – Sofia Fairweather Since I was four years old I’ve started four companies, I’m now nine.   Being a girl, people expect you to be into dance or art or something like that, but I  really like science and I don’t really care what other people think.  There

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#41 Dawn of the Nurse Practitioner

“Remember, lubrication is your friend.” Jessica Tsang — founder Direct Health Solutions. I’m a family nurse practitioner.  Most people don’t know what that is, but it’s an RN (Registered Nurse) with a minimum 5 years experience, who in then has a Masters Degree.  It’s the postmaster’s diploma that qualifies someone to become a Nurse Practitioner.

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#29 Beautiful… Are You?

“I believe everybody is beautiful.” Adedoyin Omotara My perspective is this, beauty is who you are.  It’s understanding the qualities that you have within you, the strengths that you have within you, the skills that you have, all the things that make you who you are is how I define beauty.   Women, we make

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#15 Beauty, Outside the Box!

“I will never be a typical, normal or well-behaved woman.  I grew up as a different child, a loser, alone, bullied and unable to fit in.   So what if I like to break societies conventional idea of rules?  I’ve never done well in constraints.” This was the opening salvo in a conversation we had

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