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# 56 In Praise of Sex for Money

“No one in high school never would assume that I would end up as that girl.” Miyoko Fujimori Excerpt – The route that I’ve chosen is by no means conventional, but once I was in the strip club as a dancer I felt every woman should have hat experience.  For anyone who wants to explore

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#55 Dollars And Sex Economics

“I’m interested in how people change their relationships when they don’t need to depend on a partner to satisfy their sexual needs.” Economist, Dr. Marina Adshade I think it’s funny that when I meet people and I tell them that I’m an economist, they think “how boring”. But when I add that I specialize in economics,

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#36 Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur!

“I had my first job when I was 12 years old, I was Dino at Flintstones Village because I was the tall girl.” CEO Lisa Mundell-Lawrence I remember I bought my first power suit when I was 21, it was a pink chenille suit; every time I put that suit on and go to a meeting

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#34 Business Chicks

“The juicy stories are the ones where we have to make your way back from hell.”  Monica Kretschmer, Founder, CEO Canadian Business Chicks. Our crash and burn stories shape who we are as people.  Really, who would inflict that much pain and torture on themselves, or on those who love them?   I’ll just say this,

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#25 Feminine Means Business!

The feminine side of Julie Watkins, Director of Corporate Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Applications with Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL). As a woman Director in a major oil and gas firm, I am often in boardrooms with a lot of very powerful men, but I don’t think of it that way.  I never look around the room

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#23 Wives With Money!

In our culture, when a woman earns more than her spouse it’s foolish to  assume it’s a nonevent. We are nowhere near living in a world where a reversal of traditional roles can be shrugged off, nor can we pretend it doesn’t impact intimate relationships. It can’t be denied, women on a global scale continue

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#19 Leaving The Corporate Box!

“Your calendar and your chequebook will always tell you what you value in life. Time and money indicate values and priorities.” Yvonne Silver A typical New years day for me used to be spending time with a new calendar. I would set out what I was going to accomplish over the year.  I would break it

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#12 Monetizing Feminine!

 c: Something interesting I ran into over the week.  It’s out of Morocco, a televised makeup tutorial.  Have you ever looked at one of those?  h: Oh yes I have. c: This tutorial was intended to bring attention to The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  The tutorial was advising women on

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