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#43 Product Discrimination

The presence of boobs demands additional stitching that adds up to higher costs for a women’s shirts – no?! Heather picks a bone over products available for male consumers that for some reasons aren’t available for women.  There’s also the issue of a “Pink Tax”, which see women having to pay higher prices for products and

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#42 Don’t Let Age Fool You

“Don’t let their barriers bring you down” – Sofia Fairweather Since I was four years old I’ve started four companies, I’m now nine.   Being a girl, people expect you to be into dance or art or something like that, but I  really like science and I don’t really care what other people think.  There

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#41 Dawn of the Nurse Practitioner

“Remember, lubrication is your friend.” Jessica Tsang — founder Direct Health Solutions. I’m a family nurse practitioner.  Most people don’t know what that is, but it’s an RN (Registered Nurse) with a minimum 5 years experience, who in then has a Masters Degree.  It’s the postmaster’s diploma that qualifies someone to become a Nurse Practitioner.

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Talk of sexual harassment in polite company defer to euphemisms: harassment becomes “inappropriate behavior,” assault becomes ­”misconduct,” and rape becomes “abuse.” Over the course of six weeks in 2017, TIME Magazine interviewed dozens of women and men representing a variety of industries including the entertainment industry, and of those interviewed all spoke emotionally out about

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