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Awakening Women One Conversation At A Time!

We Host Unscripted, Intimate, Raw & Thought Provoking Conversations With Women About New Womanhood: Her Courage to Be Defiantly Different!

Two women talking while another looks on.
A white woman wearing tape over her mouth that says "Speak!"

Censorship is Evil

By sharing the voices of real women we bring awareness to social narratives that no longer work for women, narratives that disconnect women from their innate strength.

Together, Let's Change the World

Conversations hold the power of change – to show new perspectives, to project different outcomes, to reconnect women with their authentic potential and unique purpose. That’s what we’re talking about!

The VBB Podcast

We encourage women to trust their innate nature for selfish reasons, and a selfless cause: harmony with her strength, and the evolution of humankind.

Heather and Christopher posing.

What's In A Name?

VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH — is purposely provocative. We want your attention! But, we love most when women share how they are reclaiming these three small words that perpetuate sexual shame, manufactured beauty, and punishment for self-expression.



When the same biological expression that makes a boy a stud, makes a girl a slut — we ask WHY!



When a woman’s looks, not her deeds or potential, is seen as her primary worth — we ask WHY!



When men fighting oppression are called heroes, but women fighting for autonomy are dehumanized — we ask WHY!

We Invite Your Input

We invite your input, share your experience with these words, or how you hear them. We repurpose VIRGIN to invite curiosity, BEAUTY to value the full person, or B!TCH to encourage speaking your truth — consequences be dammed. Tell us what you hear in these words: VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH

The Vacant Siren

We get lots of feedback on our hollow-eyed lady, our Vacant Siren — the embodiment of VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH.

She can be any woman; she is every woman — she is you. She is all women born into a male-centric reality. She is essential but never equal; she is perfectly aware of all her imperfections; she feels obliged to meet the demands of physical beauty, but she never feels enough. She is everything the world wants of her: mother, wife, daughter, sister, mistress, and muse, but she is not herself. She is a vacant siren drained of her life source — her Feminine Soul.

Meet Your Hosts

When we (Christopher & Heather) first met, differences that routinely hold people apart confronted us also. For us, it was the usual suspects — gender, race, age, culture, colour, and sex. Together, we are poster children for binary contrast; differences that often lead people into conflict. We’re not blind to our differences, but they truly inspire us. Differences help us respect and hold space for the uniqueness of others. Differences inspire us to build a platform where voices outside the status quo — the voices of women — can be heard and amplified to support the potential joy and contribution of all human beings.

“We are either the poster children of social misfits or we are the promise of human potential.”

– Heather & Christopher

Our Introduction

From Heather

Sassy since birth – most of my life has been about witnessing societal prescriptions, and finding playful ways to bend or break them. When one knows we all have feminine and masculine energies within us, the fluidity of dispelling expectations shines a luminescent light on balance and harmony. I’d love to tell you more.

Christopher headshot.

From Christopher

Co-host VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH Podcast & Author — Origin of The Man-Made Woman. Born male, I’ve inherited patriarchal privileges I have yet to earn — but why do I advocate for women? Actually, my advocacy is for humanity & harmony. My core belief: if humans are to ever evolve beyond ego, greed, prejudice, and war — the world needs women with their pride, dignity, grace, and femininity intact. VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH is a platform for women to speak, to be heard, to connect, to support, and inevitably, to evolve all humanity. If this vision resonates — WELCOME — Let’s Talk, Shall We!