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Our Story

Two women touching at the forehead.

Our Mission

Women Celebrated – One Conversation At A Time!

Unscripted, intimate, raw, and thought provoking conversations with women about the trials and triumphs of womanhood. Let’s Talk, Shall We!

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Our Values

Censorship is Evil. Our Space Is Where Women Can Raise Their Voice!

Sharing her voice brings awareness to social narratives that no longer work for women and exposes beliefs disconnecting women from pure source — her Feminine Soul.

A group of women together.

Our Purpose

Let's Change Our World, Together!

Conversations hold power to create change; give new perspectives; reveal new outcomes, and reconnect women with their raw, untapped potential.

The VBB Podcast

Christopher & Heather: Inspiring women to overcome social stereotypes and share unique life experiences without fear of being Defiantly Different.

What's In A Name?

VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH — are powerful, provocative words. They get your attention! Words hold power, but these three words have also shaped and broken women’s spirits. Do you know how?


When the same biological expression that makes a boy a stud makes a girl a slut!


When a woman’s looks, not her deeds or potential, is seen as her primary worth!


When men fighting oppression are heroes, yet women fighting for autonomy are dehumanized!

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We Invite Your Input

What have been your personal experiences with these words?
How do you hear VIRGIN.BEAUTY.B!TCH

The Vacant Siren

She can be any woman; she is all women — she is you! She is every woman born into a male-centric reality — a Patriarch. She is essential but never equal. She is perfectly self-aware of all her imperfections. She’s obliged to live up to images of physical beauty but never feels enough. She is everything the world wants of her: mother, wife, daughter, sister, saint, whore, best friend, and giver, yet she feels selfish in loving herself first. The Vacant Siren is every woman living BLIND to her potent potential; all women NAIVE of her essential essence — Her Feminine Soul.

“What People See When Looking At Us, We Can’t Control. What People Learn With Us, We Gratefully Contribute!

– Christopher & Heather

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Heather: My Why

Sassy since birth – most of my life has been about witnessing societal prescriptions and finding playful ways to bend of break them. When one knows we all have feminine and masculine energies within us, the fluidity of dispelling expectations shines a luminescent light on balance and harmony.

Christopher and Heather together.

Our Why

When we met, it was Love at first sight! Our Love for Gender Equity. Our Love for Feminine Evolution. Our Love for diversity in relationships. Our Love for guests and their inspiring stories. We share these things openly, but rarely ourselves.

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Christopher: My Why

What’s YOUR life purpose? I once believed, as boys do, that MINE was to prove my manhood: educate, work hard, and reap rewards. Instead, my purpose “found me” in a seminar room, hearing women share their suffering in a Man-Made World. Listening to women reveal their true feelings and experiences of womanhood inspired my book — The Man-Made Woman, and sparked this podcast. Can I end women suffering — highly unlikely, but I can assure her she’s not alone in healing. That’s my purpose!