An evocative journey into the reformation and emancipation of feminine within all Goddesses, Gods & Genders!


What's With
Our Name?

The Virgin, The Beauty and The Bitch: words used to define and confine women within a patriarch. To preserve her autonomy women have had to abstain from intimacy with man; to gain prominence she’s had to make herself attractive for man; to hold power she’s forsaken her own feminine to be just like a man. Rarely is Virgin, Beauty, Bitch translated as empowering archetypes, yet who doubts the virtue of innocence, the attraction of grace, or the bite of a woman’s self-respecting defiance.
Virtue In Innocence
Selflessness in Giving
Bitter-Sweet in Saying NO


To inspire global peace as a consequence of prioritizing a harmony of polarities - feminine and masculine - within each woman and man.




If I must be placed in a box make it the one labelled Servant-Leader. Put me in with those who engineer change for the good of all humanity through deeds inspired by the golden rule. My education comes from paying attention to life, my degree is in making change happen, and my profession is the pursuit of Yin and Yang — the harmony of opposites. My name is Christopher, I am a writer with an answer on the tip of my pen to a question few ask — what is feminine?

Sassy since birth - most of my life has been comprised of witnessing societal prescriptions, and finding playful ways to bend or break them. When one knows we all have feminine and masculine energies within us, the fluidity of dispelling expectations shines a luminescent light on balance and harmony. The downtrodden vortex of womanhood - virgin/whore, beauty/shame, bitch/angel - led me down dark side roads and glamorous soirées. And what did I find... I'd love to tell you

Our Mission

To stimulate an audience in rejecting ingrained social prejudice that separate people based on sex and gender; to replace dogmas of intolerance within religion, politics, and media with a spirit of mutual respect that is humane to all.


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